Blog for Jackie Sue while at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. UPDATED. This blog now covers her progress after her mini-allo MUD transplant. Her transplant was the first one to be performed by the Mayo Clinic.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday Night

Today was fairly uneventful. After the doctors visit Jackie was elated at the thought of being released and going home soon.

We had a wonderful visit from Susan Ahlquist at noon. She brought food for both Jackie and myself. We spent almost an hour chatting about her kids, our kids, and everything in between. They have REALLY been great during our stay in Rochester!

This afternoon Jackie and I went hair shopping. The hospital has a full "wig center" that offers all types of wigs, caps, and head coverings. A good part of what they offer is free. You can also buy (probably at their cost) various wigs, hair pieces, etc. Even though Jackie only has a 50-50 chance of losing her hair we felt it best to go ahead and prepare for the possibility. She selected a wig that is almost identical in both color and style to what she already has. I really think that very few people will even notice she has lost hair. It simply looks like she changed to a slightly different cut and color.

If you are checking the blog and there are no pictures of our hair shopping experience...check back! I managed to take a couple of photos of Jackie wearing some of the pieces we did NOT select. She asked me not to post the pics...but of course she knows I will :)

We've received a lot of calls and emails. We even received one from Ruth Lapidus' sister in Israel wishing Jackie a speedy return to health.

Overall Jackie felt really well today. The good news and the prospect of going back home certainly didn't hurt. It is uncertain when they release Jackie if we will need to stay around Rochester for a few days or not. We received the impression we would be free to travel back to OK upon release. I'm sure Jackie will be required to get regular CBC checks once home to confirm her recovery. We will also need to return to Rochester every 3-4 weeks for additional treatments. This will happen 4-6 more times. So...we will be getting to see the fabulous winter weather here in the Far North it seems.

Till later...
PS. I received this link late. If anyone wishes to read about the side effects and more about the chemo used you can visit this link provided by Stanley Lapidus. Thanks Stan!


Blogger Jean said...

Jackie: Great news that you may be home sooner than expected! I was just getting ready to order some yellow mums to brighten up your room, but I'll just save them till you get home. Looks like you may not have to spend Thanksgiving in Rochester after all. Would have loved to see you shopping for wigs with Bruce! Keep up the good work of getting better. We all miss you. Love, Jean
P.S. Would have written sooner but I just figured out how to do this blog stuff. Am I far behind or what? It's pretty neat.

8:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to tell you this, but


Loved the great news and can't wait to see you guys.


5:22 AM


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