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Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday +23 (6:15 PM)

I'm a little late getting this post in today. After the afternoon IV antibiotics infusion Jackie wanted to go for a short car drive. So we drove around the back streets of Rochester. Along the way she saw a Taco Bell and though that a bean burrito might be good so we picked one up. Upon return to the apartment she was able to consume about 1/2 the burrito. Food still has no taste for her. Absolutely everything tastes bad. I couldn't even tempt her with one of her favorites, angle food cake. The docs still think it may be a couple of weeks before it gets better.

She had one bout with nausea and vomiting this afternoon. I think until her appetite improves we will put her back on a schedule of anti-nausea meds. That will allow us to stay ahead of the problem. The last few days have seen us in a reactive mode to the nausea. Other than the single bout of nausea she felt better this afternoon. At present she is doing quite well.

Jackie's blood counts improved dramatically from yesterday in a couple of areas. Her RBC was 10.5 up from 9.4 and 10.4 in the prior days. Her WBC count is up to 4.6 from 2.4 and 2.0 in prior days. I want to see tomorrow's numbers before I declare the 4.6 correct. It looks like an anomaly to me, but we will see. With the WBC count at 4.6 her neutrophil level is 1.12 up from 1.0 yesterday. If the 4.6 number is incorrect the neutrophil number may also be incorrect. Jackie's platelets have risen to 97 from 74 yesterday.

All-in-all she is doing well today. So far all the appointments have been made without the use of the wheelchair in any form or fashion. We will do another late night antibiotic treatment tonight at 10:00 PM. With some luck we will be able to discontinue the IV antibiotics this weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice this weekend so perhaps I can get her back into the car for another ride.

Until later,

Bruce and Jackie
From Rochester, MN


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great that Jackie felt like going out for a ride. The bean burrito sounds good..but even the toughest stomach might have a little trouble with that!

Keep the good reports coming.

7:29 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great report. I am so glad to hear you two might enjoy some beautiful weather this weekend.

Tyler Flann Harris

11:09 PM


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