Blog for Jackie Sue while at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. UPDATED. This blog now covers her progress after her mini-allo MUD transplant. Her transplant was the first one to be performed by the Mayo Clinic.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday +74 (10:30 PM)

Today was a rainy day in Rochester; a good day to lay around, watch TV and take it easy. So that's exactly what we did. Jackie had a good day again today. She is still weak and runs out of energy quickly. We took a trip out to the Super Target store so she could buy a little makeup. While they haven't OK'd her to wear any yet, she thinks if she shows up for the doctor's appointment looking her best he is more likely to turn her loose. So expect tomorrow she will get the face paint out and try to be on her best behavior.

I spoke with the 2-week-doctor today. That's the one that rotates through every 2 weeks. This guy is really good. He came by to tell us he was leaving the hospital and that his 2 week session was coming to an end. He said he had ordered another CMV test for tomorrow, "just to make certain" she was still negative. He also ordered another chimerism test. This is the test that determines if Jackie's cells are 100% donor. The last two tests have shown that she is 100% engrafted. Since they are tapering her anti-rejection drugs this could change. Her cells could begin to fight off the donor cells. If this were to happen I suppose they would increase her anti-rejection drugs. The CMV test results will likely be ready late Monday night. The chimerism test take 3-4 days for results. I suppose the doctor may want to wait until both results are back before making any decision to release Jackie for a visit home. We will know more tomorrow at about 4:00 PM. I will post an update as soon as we return to the apartment - probably by 5:00 PM.

The blood test results have been running a day behind. Therefore, these numbers are actually for Saturday. Jackie's RBC (Hgl) was 9.8. This was down fractionally from the 10.0 on the prior two days. Her WBC count improved to 2.2 from the prior day's 1.6 and Thursday's 2.0. Her ANC improved as well to .87. This is up from the prior day's .71. As most know by now this is an important number. It determines her susceptibility to infection, etc. It would be good to see this number much higher. Her platelets remained relatively stable at 144; with 150 or above being in the normal range.

While on the subject of coming home... I've mentioned this before, but I have to repeat it again. She CANNOT be around anyone who is sick! She CANNOT be around anyone who has BEEN AROUND who has been sick! She has very little energy and is still very weak. She doesn't feel like eating much. If you bring it, she won't eat it. She also has be be very careful about what she eats. As much as everyone would like to give her a hug when she gets home, that probably isn't a great idea. It is important to continue to think GERMS, GERMS, GERMS. She will still need to mask when outside. This will remain the rule until her ANC improves to a better level. She will need to be antisocial until she is free of her anti-rejection drugs. This is at LEAST another 30-60 days. Even then she cannot be around anybody who has been sick. She has little or no resistance to most common germs. She takes anti-virals and antibiotics which help, but cannot stop all types of exposure. One of the biggest dangers to transplant patients comes after their release from the hospital when they start to become exposed to the real world again. They can be exposed to someone who has a minor "cold" and the transplant patient ends up with pneumonia, etc. She will be at an increased level of danger for up to 1 year after the transplant. If you show up at the house and cough or sneeze expect to be asked to leave - BY ME!!! Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the way things have to be. I HOPE everyone understands.

Cross you fingers, we hope to see a lot of you (at least the disease free, non-coughing, non-sneezing, non-food-bearing) folks next week:)

Until later...

Bruce and Jackie
From Rochester, MN


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