Blog for Jackie Sue while at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. UPDATED. This blog now covers her progress after her mini-allo MUD transplant. Her transplant was the first one to be performed by the Mayo Clinic.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday +78 (6:30) Update. Fireworks in Rochester

Just a quick update to let everyone know we will not be coming home this weekend. Jackie's blood counts are still to unstable. Her Hgl is 10. Her WBC is 1.5 (ANC .75). Her platelets, however, have dropped to 76. I will post details later this evening.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How disappointing..when you were all packed and ready! But try not to get discouraged. The doctors just want to make sure she is fine before they let her leave. Home is a long way from Rochester if she should need anything. So stiff upper lip. You are doing good, and it won't be much longer. Better safe than sorry.

10:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alot better safe than sorry

10:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hang in there. i've got enough firworks, we'll be shooting them for weeks anyway!

God bless,

Brent, Janees, Ashleigh, Erica

10:35 PM


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