Blog for Jackie Sue while at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN. UPDATED. This blog now covers her progress after her mini-allo MUD transplant. Her transplant was the first one to be performed by the Mayo Clinic.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday +118 (Evening)

Ok, we have a bacterial culprit that is causing the extended stay in Rochester. Ready for some Latin? It is Stenotrophemonas (Xanthomonas) Maltophilia or as the microbiology techies like to call it; S. Maltophilia.

It seems this is a fairly rare Gram Positive aerobic bacteria. It used to be classed (by mistake) as Pseudomonas. It occurs in patients in hospitals with catheters and central lines. Imagine that!

In any case, it is rarely serious and easily treatable. The standard treatment is with the antibiotic they are currently using; Meropenem. It is also treatable with some oral meds so they may switch over to something else. We will know more tomorrow.

Jackie is feeling fine with no fever at all. Her counts have actually improved in most cases. Her RBC (Hgl) shows a decline to 9.2. I don't feel this is accurate. At 9.2 Jackie would be tired with no energy. That is not the case. Her WBC count has improved to 2.9 (with ANC at 1.25 (1250)). Her platelets have also improved to 99. The fact that she has no fever and the platelets have improved may mean the infection may have already been resolved. We should have culture tests from last night by tomorrow morning. If the culture tests would show a negative result I would expect them to release Jackie with an oral prescription for Bacterim (or similar).

Six degrees of separation...I received an email from Sandra Eubank in Nantucket. She said they had an opening at her art gallery and that a Dr. Klom attended. In speaking with him she found that he did most of the central lines surgeries for BMT patients at the Mayo Clinic. He also owns a house in Nantucket about 1 mile form us. Dr. Klom was the guy who did Jackie's central line! Small world.

Until Later

Bruce and Jackie
From Rochester


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good news that they found the germ culprit so quickly, and that it may not be as bad as the name sounds.

It is a coincidence about the doctor being from Nantucket, and living near you. What are the odds of that? Not the most fun way to meet a neighbor, though.

Thanks for the blogs. It sure helps to hear what's going on there, and to know Jackie is still feeling pretty good. I hope that food is beginning to taste a little better to her.

Love to you both,

11:42 PM


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